The Financial Wellbeing Certificate

Announcing the launch of the Financial Wellbeing Certificate, an innovative learning programme constructed by Chris Budd, with contributions from experts in learning, financial coaching, behavioural insights and financial marketing.

Our brand new Financial Wellbeing Certificate

The IFW is dedicated to helping advisers to help their clients to be happier, not just wealthier.

We provide a place where members can share ideas. We put on events where members can learn about financial wellbeing research and theory.

Now, we are helping advisers to implement financial wellbeing knowledge into their advice businesses.

The Financial Wellbeing Certificate has been constructed by Chris Budd, with expert contributions from Neil Bage, Jan Bowen-Nielsen, Simonne Gnessen and Phil Bray.

The 11-week course is split into six 90-minute to 2-hour virtual workshops, with online resources, home study and activities between sessions. It is expected to provide a total of 18 hours of study.

The course looks at a range of issues in helping clients to achieve financial wellbeing including:

  • A deep look at the IFW’s five pillars of financial wellbeing
  • The universal truths; what makes all of us happy
  • Know thyself; how to help clients discover their motivations
  • The blockages that prevent us from making good financial wellbeing decisions
  • Embedding financial wellbeing throughout the financial advisory practice

As well as how to apply the theory with clients face-to-face, the certificate provides guidance on applying financial wellbeing principles into a practice, and is therefore suitable for advisers, paraplanners, and practice managers.

The programme is delivered in cohorts of 12 people, in order to maximise learning opportunities. The cost per participant for the first cohort will be £950 + VAT for IFW members and £1,050 + VAT for non-IFW members. Non-members will receive a 1-year membership of IFW and all participants will receive a complimentary copy of the “Financial Wellbeing Book” written by Chris Budd.

We will be seeking the first cohort of 12 people for a February start, please register your interest in taking part in the Financial Wellbeing Certificate here and we will come back to you in due course, thank you.


Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.