Join the Initiative

We are a member-led organisation with membership available for individual advisers, planners and coaches as well as larger organisations.

Our purpose is to help financial planners, advisers and coaches improve their client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become happier not just wealthier.




Different types of membership available:

Individual Member

You might be an Independent Financial Adviser, a Financial Planner, a Financial Coach, a Para-Planner, or anyone interested in Financial Wellbeing.

The benefits of membership include:

  • A meeting point to explore and promote financial wellbeing
  • Learn about money and happiness
  • Attend regional and national events
  • Join in and instigate research
  • Help turn the research into tools you can use
  • Opportunities to provide financial education
  • The opportunity to influence the future of financial advice

The cost is just £10 plus VAT per month. To join click here.

Partner Member

We are looking to offer something different than the traditional sponsor package. Rather than one large payment for a list of benefits, many of which don’t get used, we are instead adopting a ‘pick and mix’ approach.

The cost of Partner membership is dependent upon which options are chosen. Such as:

  • Access to research opportunities
  • Participate in the development of new financial planning tools
  • Opportunities to exhibit at conference – demonstrating how you can help advisers to help improve their clients’ wellbeing
  • Participate in the regional meetings to discuss wellbeing
  • Access to member survey data
  • Presence on IFW website / Ability to use IFW logo
  • Use of cobranded financial wellbeing content (blogs, podcasts, webinars, workplace workshops, etc)
  • Consultancy on product development or embedding financial wellbeing in your business
  • Opportunities to support IFW e.g. provide use of meeting space for regional meetings

Please get in touch with us to discuss what you want from your membership, and we will tailor a package to suit you. Learn more

To view IFW Partner Members please click here.

Accredited Practice Member

The IFW has a wealth of content from presentations to podcasts to articles that highlight and explain the what and how of Financial Wellbeing. If your organisation would like the opportunity to access IFW branded content for your own delivery and to display the IFW logo, then the Accredited Practice membership could be for you.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to IFW workplace wellbeing workshops on a per use or agreed usage basis
  • Ability to use IFW logo
  • Listed as Accredited Practice Member on IFW website

Accredited Practice Members will be required to pass the IFW audit; see details here.

Research Member

IFW research members are Universities and academic institutions. Joining as a research member provides you with:

  • The ability to take part in & deliver research
  • Access to National & regional speaking opportunities
  • Access to research announcements
  • The ability to exhibit Nationally & regionally
  • Access to member survey data
  • The opportunity to place content in the IFW monthly newsletter
  • A listing as Research Partner on IFW website / Ability to use IFW logo

To view IFW Research Members please click here.

Associate Member (Partner Member ‘light’)

We appreciate that many firms want to support our work, but are currently unable to pay membership fees, due to marketing budgets being committed, or in start-up environments where budgets are limited.

To allow these firms to engage we offer an Associate Membership for firms who want to get involved now, but cannot commit to Partner Membership just yet. This provides you with:

  • Free membership for 6 months (IFW retains the option to extend this)
  • Listed as Associate Member on IFW website
  • Ability to use IFW logo
  • Attend regional events to discuss wellbeing
  • Potential to offer discounts on products and services

Associate Members will be required to complete the IFW Associate Member Application Process, see details here.

Corporate Member

We appreciate that larger advice firms may prefer to offer membership of the IFW to their employees. This may also include other opportunities of working with the IFW, for example, joint research projects. Get in touch, and we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

Principles by which Partner Members must abide

We want Membership of the IFW to mean something. A company accepted as a Member of the IFW should be seen as a company which is committed to making wellbeing integral to their business. We therefore want firms who actively promote wellbeing both internally and externally.

We also want firms who aspire to this. We want firms who might teach us a thing or two about wellbeing, as well as those who are willing to learn.

In order to become a Member therefore, a firm must explain how financial wellbeing aligns with their brand values. Then they must prove it.

We will provide a series of questions and tests for a firm to complete. This methodology (designed by wellbeing measurement experts Happy City) is published on our website here.

Firms who pass this assessment will then be invited to join as a Partner Member or Associate Member.

IFW Audit Review

For those firms who wish to use IFW content for their own delivery and to display the IFW logo, we assess whether a firm is practicing financial wellbeing principles by asking you to assess the various aspects of the business against accepted research on the topics of money and happiness and provide evidence where requested.

The assessment looks at three areas of the business:

Part 1: The Service Proposition

Part 2: Training and competence

Part 3: Employee Wellbeing

We will respond when we have assessed your submission. Assuming a pass, we will then provide the IFW logo for you to use on your website

We request that firms wishing to become Accredited Practice Members and Corporate Members must complete and pass the Audit.

The cost of the Audit is £400.00 plus vat pa with a £250.00 renewal fee.

For further details of the Audit Review process, please enquire now.

Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.