“It’s important to understand each individual’s view of wellbeing.”

Sue Wilmot Rowe of SWR Equity Release Services Ltd is an Equity Release Specialist supporting advisors through compliance workshops, training and development courses, as well as working with clients to help them decide whether equity release is right for them. We love how passionate Sue is about supporting advisors via a compliance support service and helping individuals understand how their property can provide them with money, not only to satisfy life-long dreams but also to provide income in retirement or monies for care.

Sue was recommended by Graham Wells, who says: “She blends a very specialised area of regulated advice, with a superb focus on the holistic wellbeing of her clients.”

What’s your happiest memory?

Being an auntie and getting muddy jumping in puddles with my nephews.

What one thing do you wish you’d been told about finance when you were 15?

How debt worked and how to use it to your advantage.

Why did you decide to specialise in equity release?

A passion for helping clients in later life as 20 years ago the minimum age for equity release was 70. More recently to help clients plan their retirement and the implications of decisions they make now and how they affect the ability to utilise property wealth in the future.

What prompted you to join the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing?

I enjoy spending time with likeminded people. The journey I go on with my clients is very much based on a ‘wellbeing’ outcome. It is so important to support clients on the choices and options available and utilising what can be their most valuable asset.

What drew you to financial wellbeing in the first place?

Over the years I’ve observed that a lot of clients don’t need extra monies – they just need to know how to sort out what they’ve got, why and what it means to them. Retirement is a good example where clients panic about going on a lower income, however, by spending time looking at their plans in retirement and going through their income and expenditure in detail, we can put a plan in place which gives them security and financial wellbeing to enjoy retirement.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about financial wellbeing since joining?

That’s different for each client and as an advisor it’s important to understand each individual’s view of wellbeing.

Who or what is your favourite (general) wellbeing guru, podcast or book? 

That would be The Financial Wellbeing Book by Chris Budd. The focus of the five areas of wellbeing is interesting when working with clients or training. The case studies also demonstrate how helping a client change their perception on their finances can improve their financial wellbeing.

What are you doing to advance your own financial wellbeing?

You hear so much about a work / life balance, I am working on a ‘Life Balance’ taking into consideration the other four areas of career, social, physical and community wellbeing.