IFW Annual Conference 2022

This event is dedicated to the increasingly important topic of money and fulfilment.

About this Event

Welcome to the third Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW) Conference entitled “Invest in Wellbeing.”

We’re so excited to be back face-to-face this year on 25th May 2022! It’ll be fantastic to meet you in person – Zoom has been incredibly productive and we will continue to run our monthly events online, but there’s something very special about physically being able to meet our members.

The event will take place at The Bristol Hotel and you are also invited to join us the night before for a social gathering at Harbour House, which is very informal.  Accommodation can be booked directly with the hotel – please quote IFW Conference when booking as we have already reserved some bedrooms in case these are required.

There promises to be another packed agenda including a range of inspirational subjects from several speakers coupled with an increased number of opportunities for discussions, socialising and networking.  We will have several keynote speakers as well as additional speakers facilitating and leading breakout discussions so there’ll be plenty of options for you to choose from to watch, listen to and get involved.

Our compère is Ruth Sturkey.

Speakers & facilitators include:

  • Dawn Turner Independent Advisor and Non-Executive Director with expertise in Responsible Investment, Sustainable Finance and Environmental, Social and Governance risks: Financial planning: New World/New You
  • Dr Thomas Mathar – Insights Manager, Aegon UK Ltd: A new type of financial advice: From ‘Performance Maximiser’ to ‘Wellbeing Maximiser’
  • Alison Gray from Wellthy Australia: The Wellness Link: Incorporating Wellbeing into your Service Approach – Subtle shifts in perspective can lead to enhanced outcomes in life satisfaction, relationships and health, which is what most clients ultimately want!
  • Rohan Sivajoti – Speaker on diversity in the financial sector and founder of NextGen Planners: How to not be awkward about Diversity & Inclusion
  • Simonne Gnessen – Wise Monkey Financial Coaching: In this impactful session, Simonne will talk about the importance of self-awareness and how our conditioning, narrative and perspective shapes our map of the world.  She’ll explore how to set aside our knowledge, expertise and assumptions in order to help our clients explore their own map of the world, challenge their behaviour and align their finances with their highest aspirations.
  • Charlie Goodman – Employee Benefits Collective LLP: Workplace Wellbeing
  • Adam Owen – NextGen Planners
  • Nick Elston – Bonus keynote & Inspirational Speaker on Mental Health: A Ride Across the Badlands
  • Chris Budd – the IFW’s Founder & Chairman: Measuring the impact of your advice

Our ambition for this event is to create an open community of like-minded financial services professionals to meet and share ideas, and for 2022 also network in person.

We’re also running an optional event the night before at Harbour House in Bristol for anyone who would like to meet up in person and enjoy some social interaction, good food and company!

This year we are launching our inaugural IFW Awards, shining a light on some of the members who have helped to make the Initiative a vibrant, informative and ever-developing space for discussion and positive change. The awards will be presented by Mymy Nguyen,  Paraplanner at Rising Tide Financial, and Phil Clerkin, Director at Libertas Wealth Management.

Who is this conference for?

This is a conference open to all. We want the debate about money and happiness to involve everyone.

If you are a financial adviser, coach, planner, paraplanner, practice manager, fintech startup, product provider, marketing expert, charity or just an interested party – the IFW will help you to help your clients achieve a fulfilling relationship with money.

It is also CPD accredited so you can use this event to go towards your annual CPD requirements!  In fact we’ve put together a list of learning outcomes from our keynote speakers to help you learn more about the professional development you will receive from attending this event.

Our 2022 Conference is sponsored by:


It is also supporting Penny Brohn UK:

We all need more than medicine to live well and even more so when we are diagnosed with cancer. With over 50% of us living with cancer for 10 years or more, the challenge now is not dying but living well with an uncertain future, particularly during these uncertain times with diagnoses and treatments delayed due to the Pandemic.

  • 1 in 3 people with cancer have depression or anxiety
  • 9 out of 10 people have emotional, social, or physical unmet needs at diagnosis
  • 1 in 2 of us will experience cancer in our lifetime

Penny Brohn UK helps people with cancer to be resilient and ready for their path ahead by providing trusted information, practical support and a safe space; helping them to feel more in control, less alone and more connected. We empower our clients to build on what gave their lives meaning and brought them joy prior to their diagnosis, enabling them to make expert-guided choices in support of their health and wellbeing through integrative cancer care practices that we have pioneered for more than 40 years.  Our online and in-person complementary integrated care works alongside treatment and includes treatment support clinics, GP consultations, exercise and nutritional therapy, one-to-one counselling, guided meditation groups, cookery workshops, yoga, stress management and much more.

This year’s Earth Day had the theme “Invest in our Planet” so for every conference ticket sold we are also  planting a tree and donating to Tree Nation reforestation projects for a greener future.  You can see more on our own forest by clicking here.

Who is speaking?

Ruth Sturkey, Vice-Chair of the IFW

The IFW Conference compère

Ruth is Vice-Chair of the IFW Board. She co-founded boutique financial planning firm The Red House, which subsequently merged with Paradigm Norton in 2017. She launched a podcast in 2021, ‘Money Espresso; no froth conversations exploring money and life’.  Her aim is to get people talking about money and explore how money and business can be a force for good. Ruth can be seen regularly presenting at industry events and holds considerable influence within the financial planning profession.

Nick Marsh, CEO, The IFW


Following a corporate career with global and national companies, Nick began ‘consulting’ in 2007 and since then has had the opportunity to work with many aspirational businesses, being privy to the challenges and obstacles faced by organisations in most industry sectors and at all stages of growth.

As a Director, Non-Executive, advisor or mentor, Nick takes the role of ‘critical ally’ in order to enable individuals and teams to identify and drive positive change around a set of key goals and measures.

This role is a learning loop which allows Nick to understand and advise upon best practice in all areas of the operation such as strategic development, effective leadership, business development and marketing planning.

As an objective voice that can challenge without being confrontational, Nick can provide clarity and generate consensus on the goals, values and distinctive activities that contribute to the culture of the business and that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Dawn Turner, Independent Advisor and Non-Executive Director

Financial planning: New World/New You

Dawn is an Independent Advisor and Non-Executive Director with expertise in Responsible Investment, Sustainable Finance and Environmental, Social and Governance risks. Her portfolio of independent and advisory roles includes renewable energy, social housing, pension investments and Independent Chair of the Gwent Police Joint Audit Committee.

With a career spanning more than 40 years in the finance services and investments industry, Dawn is the former Chief Executive of Brunel Pension Partnership Ltd, a £30-billion LGPS pool whose clients include the Environment Agency.

She is an advocate of diversity and healthy workplaces. Dawn is experienced in the public and private sector and is an advocate for better futures for all.

Alison Gray, Co-founder of Wellthy

The Wellness Link - Incorporating Wellbeing Into Your Service Approach

Alison is a workplace financial wellness specialist and a keynote speaker passionate about empowering individuals to create a positive relationship with money.

As the co-founder of Wellthy, an Australian-based business, Alison delivers a fresh approach to employee financial education, using health and wellness principles to reduce stress and increase financial wellbeing. Alison has delivered financial wellness programs in workplaces across Australia, in schools and indigenous communities, and regularly facilitates virtual workshops across geographical boundaries.

Alison stays connected to people’s attitudes to money by working and volunteering  to support individuals experiencing financial difficulties.  She holds formal qualifications in financial counselling, business, training, money coaching and financial planning.

Dr Thomas Mathar, Insights Manager, Aegon UK Ltd

A new type of financial advice: From 'Performance Maximiser' to 'Wellbeing Maximiser'

Thomas heads up Aegon UK Ltd’s Centre for Behavioural Research, supporting internal and external stakeholders with behavioural research and the application of nudge-theory to help people live their best lives, now and in the future.

Thomas has been with Aegon for five years, having previously worked in research agencies and government, health, consumer industries and in finance.

Hear more from Thom here on reasons to get your ticket booked and join us!

Nick Elston, Inspirational Speaker & Mental Health Engagement Champion

Bonus keynote Breakout session – A Ride Across the Badlands

Nick is a high profile and leading inspirational speakers on the lived experience of mental health.

Described as a ‘BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty!’, ‘Utterly inspirational, absolutely engaging!’ and ’10/10 – a Speaking Masterclass!’ – Nick shares his experiences of mental illness, mental ill-health & breakdown worldwide – through  powerful, inspiring, engaging & emotional talks, offering insights, tools, tips and techniques on how to manage anxiety in life and in business – to implement immediately.

For Nick, his talks are where Mental Health meets Personal Development, focusing not just on what anxiety is, but on what it does – how it stops us living life on our terms & ultimately how it affects our success – by our own definition.

Nick regularly features in the global media, the BBC, industry shows and publications – his talks are delivered to stages, events, boardrooms, businesses, factories, government organisations, schools, universities and establishments worldwide.

Rohan Sivajoti, Director & Head of Innovation, NextGen Planners

How to not be awkward about Diversity & Inclusion

Rohan is a Director & Head of Innovation at NextGen Planners. He’s a soon to be father of two boys, taller in real life, and chunkier too, due to an obsession with caramel shortbread.

While Rohan loves making an impact and cricket, he hates olives and writing personal bios.

Simonne Gnesson, Founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

Horns & Halos

Simonne is the pioneer of the financial coaching industry in the UK. She’s the founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching and co-author of ‘Sheconomics’.

Originally practising as an IFA for 10 years, Simonne broke away from the profession 20 years ago because she saw a need that wasn’t being satisfied by traditional financial services. She started her own Financial Coaching practice to help clients build a better relationship with money and feel calmer, more in control and confident about their finances.

Wise Monkey became the UK’s first Financial Coaching service – originally a small consultancy, now servicing thousands of clients and training others to create their own Financial Coaching practice. The immersive Wise Monkey training programme today sets a high standard for financial coaches in the UK. And the training also leads to membership in the unique, ongoing Wise Monkey community of Financial Coaches.

Simonne’s work has been featured on BBC radio and TV and regularly in national newspapers and magazines.

Alex Whitson, Managing Director, VouchedFor

Bonus keynote breakout session – The commercial benefits of building deeper client relationships (fuelled by insights from 250k+ client reviews)

Alex runs VouchedFor, the UK’s largest financial adviser review platform.

He is passionate about championing the value of good advice and making it accessible to more people.

Alex’s team recently launched Elevation, a platform that uses insights from over 250,000 client reviews to help improve client experience.

Before VouchedFor, Alex was a Managing Director at Haymarket Media Group, overseeing the growth of the company’s global digital and event revenues.

Chris Budd, Founder & Chairman, IFW

How Wealth Can Be Good for Your Health

Chris founded financial planning company Ovation Finance Ltd in 2000. He sold a majority of Ovation to an Employee Ownership Trust in March 2018. He is the author of four books, The Financial Wellbeing Book about money and happiness, The Eternal Business, and two novels.

Chris’ consultancy, The Eternal Business, helps business owners work out if selling to an Employee Ownership Trust might be their own succession plan. Chris writes The Financial Wellbeing Podcast.

Chris lives in Somerset with his family and too many guitars.

Watch this video from Chris as to why you should join us at this year’s conference!

Dennis Harhalakis, Founder Cambridge Money Coaching

Breakout Discussion

Dennis is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and the founder of Cambridge Money Coaching. Money Coaching is a framework for understanding our patterns and behaviours around money so we can make better decisions, reduce anxiety and other negative emotions, and communicate in healthy ways. This is particularly important when facing the challenges of a sudden change in circumstances.

Prior to becoming a money coach, Dennis spent 30 years in Banking and Wealth Management. He works with individuals, couples and financial professionals such as IFAs and planners.

Adam Owen, Director and Head of Content, NextGen Planners

Breakout session - Facilitating Alison Gray's keynote presentation

Adam is a Director and Head of Content at NextGen Planners. His career in financial services is in its third decade and during this time he has held advisory roles within financial planning firms and a variety of senior compliance and leadership positions.

He has been a Board Director of The Personal Finance Society and currently has a portfolio of positions including executive and non-executive roles focusing on developing careers in the profession, and supporting the strategic direction of business within financial planning.

This sits alongside his work creating international communities that amplify the work of the financial planning profession. Adam is also a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute where he holds a regional board position.

Charlie Goodman, Employee Benefits Collective LLP

Breakout session - Workplace Wellbeing

Charlie currently leads the Workplace Financial Wellbeing stream for the IFW and is a Partner for Pensions and Financial Wellbeing at the Employee Benefits Collective LLP.

He is a former IFA, Certified Money Coach, International Employee Benefits and Employee Reward specialist. He has worked in financial services for over 15 years, for BDO, the Co-operative, Grant Thornton, and Mattioli Woods. He is also Secretary of the CIPD Central London branch and Acting Events Chair of the NextGen Pensions diversity initiative.

Hear from Charlie as to why you need to join us at the conference this year!

Rebecca Tuck, Financial Planner, Paradigm Norton

Breakout session - How can paraplanning enhance a financial wellbeing service?

Rebecca is a Financial Planner at Paradigm Norton and a member of the executive board for the IFW. Rebecca is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Paraplanner™ with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). She was named Paraplanner of the Year 2018 by the CISI and Best Paraplanner at the 2019 Money Marketing Awards.

Alongside her involvement with the IFW, she enjoys giving back to her peers and helping to develop the future of the global financial planning profession, particularly within paraplanning, as a member of the PFS Paraplanner Panel.

Graham Wells, Founder of GroWiser Financial Coaching

Breakout session - The IFW Alumni

Graham is the Founder of GroWiser Financial Coaching. A member of the International Coaching Federation, he blends money mentoring and behavioural coaching for individuals and couples, mostly in their 40s and 50s, on a non-advised basis.

Graham trains new financial coaches, carries out life planning with clients, and remains a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Graham has completed the Financial Wellbeing Certificate from the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing and is on a mission to help people “develop financial knowledge, build self-awareness and make bold, exciting plans for the future.”

Gianpaolo Mantini, Founding Partner, Higgins Fairbairn Advisory LLP

Breakout session - The IFW Alumni

Gianpaolo (‘GP’ to most) has worked in financial services since 2001. He joined an accountancy firm in 2005 building the Financial Planning business from scratch, before hiving it  off into Higgins Fairbairn Advisory LLP in 2010.

He became more interested in the role of coaching after seeing Chris Budd at the 2017 PFS conference and has been moving in the direction of wellbeing for some time.  The firm was a signatory for the initial launch of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.  He was part of the first cohort to undertake the Certificate and the firm has subsequently submitted papers for the Financial Wellbeing Audit.

David Howell, Head of Financial Wellbeing, Kenwell FLP

Breakout session - The IFW Alumni

David is Head of Financial Wellbeing at Kenwell FLP. His career and experience in financial planning spans over 36 years, in which time he’s overseen many changes in the investment and regulatory landscape, both in the UK and internationally.

His passion now is in the field of wellbeing as he believes this is the fundamental building block to help people to find their meaning and purpose which leads on to leading a fulfilling life, with joy and happiness.

David loves to travel and enjoys a challenge in his spare time and has been involved in a number of charitable expeditions, including cycling across India, and walking the Great Rift Valley with the Masai tribe.


Emily Pool, Independent Financial Planner, Happy Planet Financial Planning

Breakout session - Facilitating Dawn Turner

Emily left her City banking career in 2017 and pivoted into a career in financial planning. She was looking for a change that would give her a greater sense of purpose and an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of individuals and their families. She is the founder of Happy Planet Financial Planning.

Emily is particularly focused on working with professionals in the accumulation stage of their lives, helping them achieve the lifestyles they want now whilst working, and in the future when they will want to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Emily is passionate about empowering people to invest their wealth in line with their personal values. She believes people will naturally engage more meaningfully with their financial futures by investing ethically and sustainably and will feel more empowered knowing that their savings can have a positive impact on global problems. She loves to educate her clients on the difference that their investments can make and wants them to truly understand that collectively investors have real power to change the world for the better.

Tina Weeks, Managing Director & Financial Life Planner, Serenity Financial Planning

Breakout session - Facilitating Rebecca Tuck

Tina is a Financial Life Planner who has been extolling the virtues and benefits of life planning and financial coaching for nearly 13 years. She has been a financial advisor for 26 years and her firm Serenity Financial Planning was one of the first truly coaching-based financial planning firms. She is a highly qualified coach and also runs a coaching business, Know Thyself Coaching and Consulting, that delivers financial coaching training to financial planners.

Tom Morris, Director and Chartered Financial Planner, Ovation Finance

Bonus keynote session - Facilitating Nick Elston's presentation

Tom is a Director and Chartered Financial Planner at Ovation Finance, based in Bristol. He also a founding Director of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

He has been researching the topic of financial wellbeing for over 6 years and uses it to help individuals and business owners plan for the future. As part of this research Tom co-hosts and produces The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Further information about Tom can be found here 

Darren Cooke, Founder, Red Circle Financial Planning

Breakout session - Facilitating Dennis Harhalakis

Darren has been a financial adviser for over 30 years, he really is that old, although he did start very young. He formed his own firm, Red Circle Financial Planning, when RDR came along because he wanted to continue as an IFA and be free to deliver the service he wanted to clients, focusing on them and not just their finances and products.

He continued to expand his knowledge and practice of financial planning, and this naturally led him to exploring Financial Wellbeing and into the clutches of the IFW as a founder member. Being among a growing group of likeminded people, sharing and learning together in the most forward-facing body in financial services is what gives him hope for our profession.

Financial Wellbeing, like garlic bread, it’s the future.

Petronella West, CEO of Investment Quorum

Bonus keynote session - Facilitating Alex Whitson's presentation

Petronella is the CEO of Investment Quorum. She is a double-Chartered, pension transfer specialist with an incredible 35 years’ experience in the financial services industry. At IQ, Petronella provides personalised financial planning and investment solutions, with a particular focus on retirement.

Her passion is in business financial planning, and she has a deep belief in cashflow modelling to help clients fulfil the life they want. Petronella says the fun starts when, based on the close relationship of trust, she can start solving what her client perceives as a problem. She was awarded Wealth Manager CEO of the Year at the City of London Wealth Manager Awards 2022.

Outside of IQ, Petronella is heavily involved in charity work, specifically working with Sierra Leone-based charity, Street Child.

Harjeet Heer, Founding Director, Logic Financial Services Ltd

Breakout session - Facilitating Charlie Goodman

Harjeet is a Founding Director and Chartered Financial Planner at Logic Financial Services Ltd, based in Oxfordshire.

He has been in financial services for over 20 years and set up Logic just over 7 years ago. He serves as Director of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing as well as heading up its Research stream. He has a keen interest in behavioural economics and financial wellbeing and hopes the research stream is able to help advisers integrate both in their practices.

Hiren Panchal, Founder of Wensons Financial and Legacy

Breakout Session - Facilitating Rohan Sivajoti

Known for his positivity, compassion, sense of humour, and building authentic and meaningful relationships, for Hiren family comes first – his world is powered by a loving wife and four demanding toddlers.

As a Financial Planner, Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wensons Financial and Legacy, he provides trusted advice and guidance to help clients live the lives they visualise.

Driven by making a positive impact in the world, an advocate of financial wellbeing and literacy for all. Hiren is also Co-chair of the IFW London Region, host of the monthly IFW Wellbeing Café and was recently recognised by VouchedFor as a Top Rated Financial Coach in 2022.


Mymy Nguyen, Paraplanner, Rising Tide Financial

IFW Awards presenter

Mymy is a paraplanner with a passion for money and strategy. She enjoys immersing herself in technical analysis to deliver financial wellbeing outcomes and help the clients have a freedom to say Yes.
Starting her remote paraplanning career in Australia, Mymy came to the UK for postgraduate study and exploring global financial planning industry. She loves engaging with people who are curious about the emotional side of money and strive to embed coaching into financial advice for a more powerful impact on the client’s wellbeing.
Mymy is a Paraplanner at Rising Tide Financial.

Phil Clerkin, Director, Libertas Wealth Management

IFW Awards presenter

Phil is Director at Libertas Wealth Management. He has been in business as a Financial Planner for over 20 years. He is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).

Phil is passionate about helping people and businesses to make the right financial choices. He specialises in advising fellow business owners from start-up to scale-up and ongoing profitability to exit. He says: “Joining the IFW was a no-brainer for me; I see it as our mission to help people achieve financial well-being and I love to see people find success in their financial future with my help!”


Our Agenda is being updated regularly; please check back to see additional speakers / sessions. Thank you.

Mobile Agenda coming soon.

Time 25th May
08:30-08:50 Registration
08:50-09.00Nick Marsh, The IFW
09:00-09.30Keynote speaker - Dawn Turner
Financial planning: New World/New You
09:30-10:00Breakout discussion with Dawn Turner, facilitated by Emily Pool
Emily will facilitate a discussion on the previous keynote presentation by Dawn Turner.
09:30-10:00Breakout discussion with Rebecca Tuck, facilitated by Tina Weeks
Rebecca Tuck will lead a discussion asking "How can Paraplanning enhance a financial wellbeing service?"
10:00-10.30Keynote speaker - Alison Gray - Wellthy
The Wellness Link - Incorporating Wellbeing Into Your Service Approach
10:45-11:15Breakout Discussion with Adam Owen
Adam will facilitate a discussion on the previous keynote presentation by Alison Gray.
10:45-11:15Bonus Keynote with Nick Elston, facilitated by Tom Morris
Nick will provide an inspirational review of Mental Health as we step out into the ‘brave new world’ of 2022.
11:15-11:45Keynote speaker - Dr Thomas Mathar - Aegon UK
A new type of financial advice: From 'Performance Maximiser' to 'Wellbeing Maximiser'
11:45-12:15Breakout Discussion with Dr Tom Mathar facilitated by Chris Budd
Chris will facilitate a discussion on Tom Mathar's previous keynote presentation
11:45-12:15Breakout Discussion with Charlie Goodman facilitated by Harjeet Heer
Harjeet will facilitate a discussion by Charlie on Workplace Wellbeing
12:15-13:00Lunch / Networking
13:00-13:15IFW Awards presented by Mymy Nguyen and Phil Clerkin
13:15-13:45Keynote speaker - Rohan Sivajoti - NextGen Planners
How to not be awkward about Diversity & Inclusion
13:45-14:15Breakout Discussion with Rohan Sivajoti, facilitated by Hiren Panchal
Hiren will facilitate a discussion on Rohan's previous keynote presentation.
13:45-14:15Breakout Discussion with members of the IFW Alumni (Graham Wells, Gianpaolo Mantini & David Howell)
The IFW Alumni will be discussing key milestones of becoming a Financial Wellbeing Practice
14:15-14:45Keynote speaker - Simonne Gnessen - Wise Monkey Financial Coaching
Horns & Halos
14:45-15:15 Breakout Discussion with Dennis Harhalakis facilitated by Darren Cooke
Darren will facilitate a discussion by Dennis on the previous keynote presentation by Simonne Gnesson.
14:45-15:15 Bonus Keynote with Alex Whitson facilitated by Petronella West
The commercial benefits of building deeper client relationships (fuelled by insights from 250k+ client reviews)
15:15-15.45Keynote speaker - Chris Budd - The IFW
How wealth can be good for your health
15:45-16:00Questions & Feedback with Nick Marsh and Chris Budd - The IFW
16:00Event closes

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