IFW Annual Conference 2020

This digital event is dedicated to the increasingly important topic of money and happiness.

About this Event

Welcome to the very first Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW) Conference.

This event has now closed but our jam-packed online agenda covered 18 inspirational sessions over 5 days.

If you purchased a ticket and didn’t make them all, don’t worry. You’ll be able to watch recordings of all sessions for 30 days after the event and you will receive the link to access these recordings shortly.

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket you can now purchase access to all 26 inspirational presentations by emailing admin@ifw.org.uk – prices are £168 for members and £216 for non-members and you will have access until 2nd November 2020.

Our ambition is to create an open community of like-minded financial services professionals to meet and share ideas. At these digital events, you’ll be able to do just that.  In the recordings you’ll hear from experts on wellbeing and behaviours; discover why financial wellbeing gives great compliance, learn how to create happy working environments and much more.

You’ll also hear more about what the IFW does, and how you can get involved in changing the way financial planning and advice is delivered.

Who is this conference for?

This is a conference open to all. We want the debate about money and happiness to involve everyone.

If you are a financial adviser, coach, planner, paraplanner, practice manager, fintech startup, product provider, marketing expert, charity or just an interested party – the IFW will help you to help your clients become happier as well as wealthier.

It is also CPD accredited so you can take care of your annual CPD in one week!

Who is speaking?

Chris Budd, Founder & Chairman, IFW

The IFW and YOU

Chris founded financial planning company Ovation Finance Ltd in 2000. He sold a majority of Ovation to an Employee Ownership Trust in March 2018. He is the author of four books, The Financial Wellbeing Book about money and happiness, and The Eternal Business, and two novels. His consultancy, The Eternal Business, helps business owners work out if selling to an Employee Ownership Trust might be their own succession plan. Chris writes The Financial Wellbeing Podcast.  Chris lives in Somerset with his family and too many guitars.

Henry Stewart, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Ltd

The importance of creating client delight

Henry is founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happy Ltd, originally set up as Happy Computers in 1987. Inspired by Ricardo Semler’s book Maverick, he has built a company which has won multiple awards for some of the best customer service in the country and being one of the UK’s best places to work. Henry was listed in the Guru Radar of the Thinkers 50 list of the most influential management thinkers in the world. His first book, Relax, was published in 2009. His second book, the Happy Manifesto, was published in 2013 and was short-listed for Business Book of the Year.

Jan Bowen-Nielsen, Founder & Director, Quiver Management Ltd

Coaching at the Heart of Financial Wellbeing

Jan Bowen-Nielsen is a renowned and award-winning executive coach, trainer, consultant, non-executive director and speaker. He is often called “The Coaches’ Coach” because he is the go-to person when advisers are looking to integrate coaching into their professional practice. He has trained thousands of coaches, managers and advisers in the art of coaching. In addition to running a team of 15 coaches in Quiver Management, Jan also enjoys running ultra-marathons and walking his dog.

Liz Zeidler, Founding Director, Centre for Thriving Places (formerly Happy City)

Measure, Understand and Improve Financial Wellbeing

Liz is an internationally recognised leader in sustainable wellbeing with over 20 years of experience in connecting, challenging and supporting change-makers. She has been a key part of the development of all Centre for Thriving Place’s wellbeing measurement tools and approaches. She is a globally in-demand speaker and advisor on community wellbeing and place-based approaches to measuring, understanding and improving wellbeing in all sectors.

Ophelia Hogan, Founder & Director, Ophelia’s Personal Coaching

Fitness & Nutrition; looking after your back health

Ophelia Hogan has been a qualified personal trainer since 1995 and supports clients to achieve positive and life-changing outcomes. Ophelia celebrates the individual and her aim is to ensure that clients understand what their bodies need to achieve their fitness, weight loss, back health and strength goals. Enjoying the journey is key to making lasting changes that can transform lives. Ophelia is committed to continuing her education to incorporate the latest fitness and nutrition research in her clients’ programs.

Sharon Critchlow & Nicky Marshall, Founders & Directors, Discover Your Bounce

The four elements of wellbeing for personal and team performance

Nicky Marshall started her working life in finance, trained to be a CIMA Accountant and, through her own health experiences during her three-year recovery from a stroke in 2010, she learned the importance of wellbeing, going on to train in a range of holistic therapies and stress management. Nicky identified that to create better health, more energy and a life worth loving individually we need to use daily techniques and make the right choices.

With a background in Accountancy, and as Operations and Compliance Director of a financial advisory business, Sharon Critchlow is now a popular conference speaker and writer in the areas of emotional intelligence, diversity and the future of work, as well as a range of wellbeing topics. She now uses her experience – alongside a Masters Level Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching – to developing senior leaders and to helping businesses to grow their people capability. Sharon is also a Council member for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and sits on the Regulatory Board.

Neil Bage, Keynote Speaker & Director of Behavioural Insight, Be-IQ

Getting to the heart of financial wellbeing

Neil Bage is the co-founder of multi award-winning behavioural insight’s company Be-IQ. He is a specialist on the sub-conscious behaviours that drive our decisions, and is renowned for bridging complex scientific theory with real-world understanding, especially in relation to decisions that involve money. An energetic, powerful, and highly engaging speaker, Neil’s talks are a mixture of human evolution, psychology, biology, and compelling storytelling, all of which combine to reveal how people make important decisions that will impact their financial health and wellbeing. Neil also features frequently as a podcast guest, conference panel member, and is seen as a go-to expert in relation to human behaviour by consumer publications.

Martha Lawton, Consultant, & Creator / Co-host of Squanderlust podcast.

Why financial professionals should care about cognitive distortions

Martha is a financial educator, and former financial adviser, who has been helping people understand and use money better for over 14 years. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops on day-to-day money management as well as running awareness raising campaigns and other financial wellbeing projects. Her work has given her a deep insight into people’s emotional and psychological responses to money, which she discusses with co-host, Alex Lemon, on her podcast Squanderlust.

Lee Healey, Founder, IncomeMax

Money & Mental Health. Why it matters 

Lee is the founder and director of a social enterprise that helps low income families to maximise their income. With over 25 years experience helping vulnerable people navigate the benefits system, Lee is a passionate advocate of human-centred, kind and caring values in business & society. His vision is a world where people have enough money (and the support they need) to thrive. Lee is an advisory board member of Martin Lewis’ Money & Mental Health Policy Institute, is on the board of the Money Advice Liaison Group and is a challenge group member for the MaPS UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing.

Mark Till, Keynote Speaker, Managing Director, Digital Solutions, Aegon UK

The key to understanding Wellbeing has to start with insight and data

Built on his own personal experience, Mark Till, Managing Director of Digital Solutions at Aegon passionately supports Aegon’s mission to help people to ‘achieve a lifetime of financial security’.  During his time at Aegon, Mark has driven the insight led approach Aegon use to helping engage people with their longer-term financial planning. In what can be a complex and confusing industry Mark has challenged the teams to deliver innovative and engaging solutions, all built on data and insight while also championing the Aegon wellbeing workstream for employees.

Mark’s session at the conference will share some of Aegon’s key research findings showing a correlation between financial advice and wellbeing and how the UK compares to the rest of the world in its retirement readiness. He will also give Initiative for Financial Wellbeing conference attendees an exclusive preview of Aegon’s wellbeing index research and some of the themes Aegon have identified in being so important to financial wellbeing.

Sarah Sinclair, Founder, Change Gap

"Mind the Gap" between professional and personal mindset - to ensure wellbeing for yourself and in turn, your clients

Sarah, Founder of Change Gap, is an entrepreneurial and trusted senior Change specialist with over 20 years of diverse experience across financial services. After years of working in global and local organizations, she observed ‘widening gaps’, and felt compelled to create a purpose-led business, with a mission to achieve greater harmony, openness and wellbeing across the industry. A natural drive to listen and understand, with a strong sense of empathy and quietly turning stones to find better, fairer ways, is what drives her.  Sarah will be joined in discussion by Lindsay Barn who is a coach, mentor, advisor, inspiration and creative spark plug to people from all walks of life, from business  leaders to artists, from professionals to entrepreneurs, from public figures to sports men & women, who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. His honest approach and commitment to you living to your full potential has seen his clients’ lives and careers transform beyond all expectation.

Emma Catherine

Painting for Happiness

Join Emma for an escape into creativity! Learning some fun techniques, you’ll come away with the confidence to pick up a paint brush and create something beautiful. The presentation will consist of a short introduction to colour theory showing you the colours that work well together and a demonstration on how to create your own colourful, contemporary Highland Cow.

Nick Elston

Talking Anxiety – how to manage Anxiety in Life & Business

Nick Elston is one of the highest profile and leading Inspirational Speakers on the subjects of Anxiety, Mental Health & Wellbeing – from an experience sharing perspective – and delivers his talks to Stages, Corporates, Boardrooms, Factories, Universities, Schools & Events WORLDWIDE!

John Dashfield

There is an easier way to do life

John Dashfield is a highly experienced business coach and mentor to financial planners, owners of SME’s and key employees. He is author of the book ‘The client-centred financial adviser’, published in 2015. At the core of his work is teaching and coaching clients in the principles behind healthy psychological functioning. This naturally leads to clearer thinking, increased well-being and spiritual integrity.

Erik Porter, Founder, Cheddr

Workplace financial wellbeing - the role of financial advisers in the workplace

Erik is the Founder of Cheddr, a workplace financial wellbeing business offering workshops, coaching and consultancy. He was previously the IFW’s Interim CEO and has spent time working with The Money Charity. He’s a member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, providing a consumer voice to influence and challenge FCA policy makers.
Prior to his consumer advocacy and financial wellbeing work, Erik spent over 20 years in financial services with firms such as Citi and Barclays.
Erik is the Chair of Fair Money Advice, an East London debt advice charity.

David Scarlett, Founder, The Soul Millionaire

To help senior Decision Makers take a completely different view of how to create a business which transforms clients lives, inspires their team and reduces stress all round.

David’s work focuses on helping already-successful leaders and financial planners to make a profound difference in their clients’ lives… whilst building a more inspiring, truly wealthy business. He teaches leadership, client creation and life planning strategies, that ignite and transform the very spirit of your firm – and its people. And fills your business with clients who could transform your future.  He is recognised as a provocative thought Leader, an international conference speaker, and a best-selling author of three books (including Amazon Top 20).

He’s the founder of The Soul Millionaire® – the ‘Deep Change’ Leadership and Strategy coaching firm. David’s insights and expertise flow initially from 20 years as a Financial Adviser and fee-based Financial Planner. Since then he has invested more than 15 years in coaching the leading-edge adviser community… as well as financial services corporate executives… helping to transform both their businesses and their lives.

He’s a father of 5 talented children … and a Christian Minister, teaching philosophy, religion and leadership to bright graduates and under-graduates.

Brian Portnoy, Keynote Speaker, Founder, Shaping Wealth

Time Travel and Other Strange Ways of Thinking about Financial Wellness

Brian is an investor, writer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Shaping Wealth, which delivers financial wellness coaching and content to those seeking to make better money decisions as well as figure out how money fits into a meaningful life.He works with financial advisors and their clients and corporate wellness programs. His highly acclaimed books in the field of investor psychology include The Geometry of Wealth, which illuminates the relationship between money and happiness.


Our Agenda is being updated regularly; please check back to see additional speakers / sessions. Thank you.

Please click here to download the agenda (PDF).

Time Day 1
Sept 21st
Day 2
Sept 22nd
Day 3
Sept 23rd
Day 4
Sept 24th
Day 5
Sept 25th
08:30-09:30Catherine Morgan & Dennis Harhalakis
Coaches and croissants.
10:00-10:30Chris Budd
Welcome & Introduction
Chris Budd
Welcome & Introduction
Chris Budd
Welcome & Introduction
Chris Budd
Welcome & Introduction
Chris Budd
Welcome & Introduction
11:00-12:00Keynote: Henry Stewart
The importance of creating client delight.
Keynote: Mark Till from Aegon, our IFW main partner.
The key to understanding Wellbeing has to start with insight and data
Sarah Sinclair & Lindsay Barn
"Mind the Gap" between professional and personal mindset - to ensure wellbeing for yourself and in turn, your clients
Martha Lawton
Why financial professionals should care about cognitive distortions.
Chris Budd
The IFW and YOU. Chris Budd hosts a session explaining the purpose and workings of the IFW, including contributions from the various executive and stream heads. The IFW is a member led organisation, so come and find out more about this new initiative, and see how you might get involved.
12:30-13:30Erik Porter
Workplace Financial Wellbeing - the role of financial advisers in the workplace.
Jan Bowen-Nielson
Coaching at the heart of financial wellbeing.
David Scarlett
Stop chasing the money.
Nick Elston
Mental health. Talking Anxiety - how to manage Anxiety in Life & Business
Lee Healey
Money & Mental Health: Why it matters 
14:00-15:00Liz Zeidler
Measure, Understand and Improve Financial Wellbeing.
Neil Bage
Getting to the heart of financial wellbeing.
Emma Beaston
Philanthropy. Unlocking the joy of giving: top myths and tips.
Breakout discussion:
Chris Budd, Catherine Morgan, Tom Morris & Ben Fabi
"How can Financial Wellbeing be used in a Financial Planning business?" A sharing of good practice from coaches, advisers and paraplanners. We will have ideas to share,but we want to hear yours too. The IFW is a member led organisation, and we want you to share your good ideas with your peers.
John Dashfield
There is an easier way to do life.
16:00-17:00Keynote: Brian Portnoy
Time Travel and other strange ways of thinking about Financial Wellness.
Members huddle
(Hosted Panel) Pat Ingram and Chris Budd
Can we change the way we give financial advice? Chris and Pat would like you to join in a debate about how to apply financial wellbeing in the financial process. Topics will include: Advising Couples; Is it time to ditch the attitude to risk questionnaire?; Paraplanner challenges; Doing it, not just talking about it.
Emma Catherine
Art and Wellbeing. Painting for Happiness.
Ophelia Hogan
You are the ‘Backbone’ of your business. How to look after your spine.
Keynote: Sharon Critchlow & Nicky Marshall
The four elements of wellbeing for personal and team performance.
18:00-19:00Wellbeing Cocktail Hour.

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