One of the IFW guiding principles is to provide a meeting place for the sharing of ideas. Our events allow the IFW community to come together, share ideas, develop tools, and have fun!

25th May 2022

The Annual IFW Conference

The theme of the third annual  IFW Conference is Invest in Wellbeing.

This year we’re back in person with a face-to-face event held at The Bristol Hotel, right on Bristol’s beautiful waterfront.

There’s also the opportunity to join us the night before for a special social event.  We’ve got several keynote speakers and breakout sessions already lined up and we’d love to see all our members there plus anyone who has not yet joined the IFW but who has a keen interest in Financial Wellbeing.

For more details and to access our Conference events page, click here.

Next Forum: Thursday 19th May, at 9am

The Forum for Coaches & Planners

This monthly meeting is for all coaches and planners with an interest in coaching. It is an opportunity to meet new people, understand better how we all serve our clients and identify ways we can work in unison to deliver the message about Financial Wellbeing.

Our intention is to discuss a particular topic each month either on how to develop coaching within your business or on a coaching topic. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to be covered please let us know.

The next session of The Forum is on 19th May 2022. 

Lorraine McFall, financial coachOur host is Lorraine McFall, a financial coach and founder of Money Matters Financial Coaching who uses her coaching, legal and financial experience to help clients achieve financial wellbeing.

The topic on 19th May is ‘A problem shared is a problem halved.’

Lorraine invites you to Come along for tips to help you overcome your trickiest clients.

“Bring your tricky client stories and we’ll help you to help them.”

Graham Wells, Founder of GroWiser Financial Coaching, has promised to come along with examples of coaching tools he was able to use to turn things around.

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Upcoming dates for your diary for The Forum:

23rd June – Following on from Simonne Gnessen’s talk at the IFW Conference, Lorraine asks:

  • How do you set aside your personal world-view in conversations with clients?
  • How do you help clients understand the hidden biases impacting the choices they make or avoid?

21st July – Lorraine asks:

  • How do your clients see your role as a financial planner or coach: one night stand or long-term relationship that enriches every aspect of their life?
  • How do you develop their loyalty to become the latter?

Attendance of this event contributes to your unstructured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Next Roundtable: Thursday 9th June 2022, at 11am

The IFW Roundtable

Unlike many IFW events, the Roundtable is not intended to provide practical solutions. It is a conversation about some of the theories and research that underpin our approach to financial wellbeing. Join the experts for an informed discussion!

It’s free for members to join in and share your knowledge and experiences with fellow members.

The next Roundtable is at 11am on Thursday 9th June (a week later than usual to avoid the Bank Holiday), when award-winning business coach, trainer, consultant, non-executive chair and keynote speaker Jan Bowen-Nielsen, who co-designed the Financial Wellbeing Certificate programme together with Chris Budd, introduces the topic;

‘Values vs objectives vs goals vs motivations.’

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Our host is Funmi Olufunwa, a financial coach helping people to understand their relationship with money and how they can earn, spend and save it and be money confident.

Dates for your diary for upcoming Roundtable discussions are:  

  • 7th July – Alex Whitson introduces the topic: How to make brilliant first impressions with clients (fuelled by insights from 50k+ prospect reviews).

The Roundtables are free monthly events (among many that members can take part in) for IFW members, so if you want to come along and join the discussion, sign up for only £10 per month plus VAT here.

Attendance of this event contributes to your unstructured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.  

Next Cafe: Tuesday 14th June, at 1pm

Wellbeing Café

Wellbeing Cafe image

The Wellbeing Café is a monthly event designed to discover and deepen your understanding of what Financial Wellbeing is all about. It lasts half an hour and has a new speaker each month covering a wide range of topics all under the banner of Financial Wellbeing.

Our next Wellbeing Cafe is on 14th June – family finance specialist and former investment consultant Will Rainey presents: ‘Helping the next generation to grow up financially healthy and wealthy.’

Will Rainey is a writer and speaker focused on helping parents teach their kids about money. He is the author of the children’s book, Grandpa’s Fortune Fables. His work has appeared in the Financial Times, iNews and The National News.

His website was judged to be the ‘Best Family Finance Blog 2021’ by UK money bloggers and has helped thousands of parents start talking to their kids about money. He has been invited to speak at Fortune 500 (Global) companies.

Before focusing on helping parents teach their kids about money, Will was an award-winning investment consultant, helping institutional clients invest billions of dollars for the long-term.

Our Wellbeing Cafe host is IFW member Hiren Panchal, Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wensons Financial and Wensons Legacy.

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Upcoming dates and speakers for your diary for the Wellbeing Cafe at 1pm are:

  • 12th July – Clinical Hypnotherapist Kerry Seymour present: ‘How neuroscience can help us support our clients to make good financial choices.’
  • 13th September – Financial educator and coach Martha Lawton presents: ‘Understanding and supporting clients who have ADHD.’

Attendance of these events contributes to your unstructured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Next IFW Discovery Event: Tuesday 21st June at 10.30am

IFW Discovery Event


Be part of the future of the financial profession

These special events offer an insight into the purpose of the IFW and how financial wellbeing can be implemented to strengthen your business interactions for the long-term.

Agenda – Tuesday 21 June 2022

10.30-10.45am – Who are we and how do we benefit our members? What is Financial Wellbeing? IFW Founder & Chair Chris Budd and CEO Nick Marsh share the thinking behind and the future of what we do, as well as how you can be part of the change for good

10.45-11am – How could financial wellbeing help you and your clients thrive in future? Charlie Goodman interviews a Financial Wellbeing Certificate course graduate about how they have implemented learnings from Financial Wellbeing Certificate course to improve relationships with clients and build long-term loyalty.

11-11.10am – The IFW Audit – For Adviser firms – Chris Budd will talk about how firms can benefit from undergoing the IFW Audit process, and how they can improve their chances of passing.

11.10-11.20am – Roundtable insights with Funmi Olufunwa

Why attend, what to expect, what to take away…

11.20-11.30am –  Quick learns with the Wellbeing Café with Andrea Varga

11.30-11.40am – Financial coaches and planners working together. Lorraine McFall reveals how these highly aligned groups can learn from and work with each other to enhance working practises and improve client engagement.

11.40-11.50am – Regional Meetings – how we implement financial wellbeing. With Tom Morris

11.50am-midday – Your chance to ask questions about anything to do with Financial Wellbeing and membership of the IFW.

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Next Regional Meetings: IFW Conference 2022

Regional Events

As a member-focused organisation, we want to create a meeting place for like-minded individuals. Our quarterly regional events are therefore the heartbeat of the IFW, allowing advisers, planners, coaches, paraplanners, indeed anyone with an interest in financial wellbeing to get together and share ideas and good practice.


25th & 26th May 2022

The Watercooler

The IFW are proud to be partnering with The Watercooler Event which is a free to attend, two-day exhibition and conference on workplace wellbeing and the future of work. The event brings together the very latest thinking from over 100 experts, alongside actionable and tangible solutions, to holistically support health, mental health and wellbeing of employees across the UK and beyond.

The world of work is changing at an exponential rate. With workplace wellbeing high on the board agenda it’s crucial professionals understand the challenges, the trends and the solutions that are immediately available to them and their organisations:

Join us for invaluable insights into the future of workplace wellbeing and register your place here

Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.