One of the IFW guiding principles is to provide a meeting place for the sharing of ideas. Our events allow our community to come together, share ideas, develop tools, and have fun! We’d love to welcome you to one of our future events.

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 10.15am

IFW Discovery Event: Non-Members Welcome!

You are invited to our virtual open day on 9th November where you can find out more about the vibrant discussions and learning opportunities included in IFW membership and everything you can gain through being a member.  The agenda includes:

  • An overview: What is Financial Wellbeing?
  • Roundtable discussion on: How can Financial Wellbeing help you and your clients thrive in future?
  • An insight into the IFW Audit
  • Reporting on Financial Wellbeing Research
  • An introduction to our Workplace Wellbeing programme
  • Open Q & A session where you can ask us anything about Financial Wellbeing or how the membership works
  • We will be finishing with our monthly Wellbeing Cafe which is normally only free to members

Book your free place here.

Regional meetings are now available to book for October 2021

Regional Events

As a member focused organisation, we want to create a meeting place for like-minded individuals. Our regional events are therefore the heartbeat of the IFW, allowing advisers, planners, coaches, paraplanners, indeed anyone with an interest in financial wellbeing to get together and share ideas and good practice. Regional Events take place quarterly and you can find forthcoming meetings here.

Next Cafe: Tuesday 14th September at 1.00pm

Wellbeing Café

The Wellbeing Cafe is a monthly event designed to discover and deepen your understanding of what Financial Wellbeing is all about.  It lasts half an hour and has a new speaker each month covering a wide range of topics all under the banner of Financial Wellbeing.

Our next Wellbeing Cafe is on 14th September, where special guest Philip Courtenay will be talking about client’s barriers to seeking and taking financial advice.

Members can book their place on our Eventbrite page

Next Forum: Thursday 23rd September at 9.00am

The Forum for Coaches & Planners

Following the success of the “Coffee and croissants” session at our 2020 Conference, we will be hosting a monthly meeting for all coaches and planners who are interested in coaching. This will be an opportunity to meet new people, understand better how we all serve our clients and identify a way we can work in unison to deliver the message about Financial Wellbeing.

Our intention is to discuss a particular topic each month either on how to develop coaching within your business or on a coaching topic. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to be covered please let us know.

Free for IFW members to attend, book your place here.

Next Roundtable event: Thursday 9th September at 11.00am

The IFW Roundtable

This month’s topic is NUDGES. Over the past two decades nudges have attracted considerable interest from policy makers and researchers. They continue to examine the impact of nudging in the financial arena with the focus on welfare effects.

IFW Executive Member Harjeet Heer, who leads the Research Stream, will introduce the session.

Our host is Funmi Olufunwa, a financial coach helping people to understand their relationship with money and how they can earn, spend and save it and be money confident.

Join the experts to debate the topic ‘Can Nudges be used for improved Financial Wellbeing? Do you use them? How and where? With what results? Do they benefit client wellbeing?’

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Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.