Initiative for Financial Wellbeing

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing is the study and application of how money can make us happy. The initiative is for anyone in the financial advice and planning community who wishes to help their clients to become happier not just wealthier.

The initiative will initially:

  • research the principles of money and happiness;
  • develop ways in which advisers can use this research in their businesses;
  • collaborate with other organisations both within and outside the financial services community;
  • organise events to spread knowledge and bring people together.

Plans include offering members:

  1. A non-profit place to share ideas about money and happiness
  2. Member benefits;
  3. To help develop and use tools and ideas in their practice;
  4. Opportunities for pro-bono work;
  5. Kitemark/badge for firms who can demonstrate they practice financial wellbeing;
  6. Events

The initiative will be member-led. As such we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining and/or helping to establish the Institute. They should register their interest by completing the form below.

The following have already committed their time to the Institute:

Colin Low
Kingsfleet Wealth
Nick Platt
Henwood Court
Nick Miles
Med-Ex Financial Advisory Services
Matthew Aitchison
Clear Vision Financial Planning
Anthony Villis
First Wealth
Julie Lord
Magenta Financial Planning
Gianpaolo Mantini
Higgins Fairbairn Advisory
Karen Taylor
Elite Financial Consulting
Tom Morris
Ovation Finance Ltd
Chris Budd
Ovation Finance Ltd
Adrian Kidd
Ovation Finance Ltd
Nicholas Lee
Financial Life Plans
Catherine Morgan
The Money Panel
Richard Ellis
Ellis Davies Financial Planning Ltd
Nick Davies
Ellis Davies Financial Planning Ltd
Phil Billingham
Perceptive Planning
Shannon Currie
Perceptive Planning
Danielle Lecomber
Hall & Costello Wealth Management
Rachel Stewart
Stewart Wealth Management
Richard Allum
The Paraplanners
Nathan Fryer
Plan Works Ltd
Chris Daems
Cervello Financial Planning
Raj Shah
Blue Wealth Capital
Darren Cooke
Red Circle Financial Planning
Alan Smith
Capital Asset Management
Phil Bray
The Yardstick Agency