Welcome to the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is the study and application of how money can make us happy. That’s it. Pure and simple.

The Initiative for Financial Wellbeing, or IFW for short, is for members of the financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching community who want to improve their client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become happier not just wealthier.


What do we do?


We’ll research the principles of money and happiness.


We’ll turn our research into tools to use with clients.


We’ll partner with organisations to promote financial wellbeing.


We’ll spread knowledge and create a purposeful community.

In addition to these initial four streams, we are working on other areas of financial wellbeing such as mental wellbeing, providing pro bono advice and philanthropy.

Get involved

The initiative will be member-led. We’d love to hear from individuals and organisations who would like to get involved.